Alexandru Racu – pictor

Alexandru Racu

Nume: Alexandru Racu
Titulatura: Visual Artist
Localitate: Iasi
Specializare: Pictura, Concept Art, Design Grafic

Nascut intr-o zi de mai a anului 1989, a plect din Vatra Dornei la Iasi, pentru a-si urma visul, si anume sa studieze la Universitatea de Arte George Enescu, mai jos gasiti cateva din lucralile lui:

I’ve noticed that it’s harder to talk about yourself when you want to do it, rather than when you don’t. What are we, what do others want us to be? This should be a known fact. In the meantime I declare myself HUMAN. A human who is only content with… with what’s best. Art, music offers you the possibility to be who you want, when you want to, to judge without being judged, to live, to die, to be perfect and unique. This is where the world begins for me. Where am I going? To a place that hasn’t been reached by nobody else. Why? Because that’s how I feel. And I will do it because I CAN. I am currently studying Painting at the "George Enescu" University of Plastic and Dceorative Arts and Design in Iaşi. If you like what you’re seeing and you want me to make a comission for a painting or a drawing, don’t hesitate. Just tell me!

  1. Si tu ai inceput sa primesti comentarii spam de la rusnaci?
    P.S. ultimul paragraf din post de ce e scris in engleza? Domnu’ pictor nu poate si-n romana.Eu sincer n-am probleme cu engleza dar poate sunt multi care au.

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